Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A WoW Fairy Tale

I was having a whimsical discussion the other day about certain childhood fairy tales. So, I'm going to have to borrow from Mr. Disney and relate how Snow White and her main characters map into WoW.

Since there are 7 dwarfs plus Snow and the Prince, I've added the tenth member (the Witch) to make a nice 10-man raid. Warning, there's nothing here to suggest this is a viable raid, just a ten man raid. Maybe they should go PVP or something.

  1. Bashful - Dwarf. Obviously a dwarf who doesn't like to be seen much. He's always blushing and sidling out of the picture. What better class than a dwarf subtlety rogue.
  2. Doc - Dwarf again (duh). Someone with the name like Doc is clearly set up to fix someone back up to new. Probably not much at dealing with Poison Apples, but luckily priests can't deal with them either. This is the holy priest.
  3. Dopey - Obviously a huntard. That is a hunter without a pet. And using only melee weapons.
  4. Grumpy - Does anything say "Fury Warrior" more than the name Grumpy?
  5. Happy - I think this is a protection warrior who has taken one too many bumps on the head. You know. While tanking and stuff.
  6. Sleepy - Sleeping happens at night. Night is when it's dark. Dark is when shadows can be cast. Have we agreed this is a shadow priest?
  7. Sneezy - For lack of better class this is a warrior. With an allergy to pollen. Unfortunately, he's also chosen to be the herbalist/alchemist of the group.
  8. Prince Charming - Our first human on the list. And this one is a paladin, methinks.
  9. Snow White - Another human to add to the list. And for this one I'm going to assign her a class that a dwarf cannot be. For this one, I'm thinking mage.
  10. The Witch - Finally the enemy. I don't know what says "warlock" more than this evil witch (or some other word that ends in "itch").
So there you have it. Snow White in WoW terms.

Now you do one.


Kestrel said...

You sure Sleepy isn't a mage (Polymorph) or a Druid (Hibernate)? ;)

Nice list, Bremm!

Brehm said...

Kestrel: He's a dwarf. He can't be either a mage or a druid (sadly). I tried to be true to the classes they could be!

Selma said...

SHAMAN!!!! You neglected the BEST class out there. I am saddened and scared for humanity!

And Apollinaris is Dopey right?? Do I win that one?