Friday, September 5, 2008

Where we're going

I know I've not been as fastidious about getting posts up here in a timely manner. There are a couple of excuses, er I mean reasons for this.

First of all, I made a decision when the alpha leaked information started popping up on blogs everywhere that I wasn't going to write about things I couldn't actually see or verify for myself. This cut me out of a great deal of the "here is the latest cool thing about topic" posts that I could've made. When no beta invite every arrived in my mailbox, this prohibition against posts I couldn't self verify continued.

Next, the vast majority of my posts really deal with preparing yourself to do what you want to do with your toon. Is it raiding? There's lists of raiding preparation, things to do once you're 70 and preparing to do other the next thing, tricks and tips for five mans, PVP analyses, and so forth. All that stuff I wrote still applies. The foods you can cook, the potions you can bring to raiding or 5-mans still apply and are still in the game. The daily quests can still be done. None of that has changed and if I wrote about it again, I'd just be directing you to old posts.

Third, I mentioned my herniated disc a while ago. It has kept me from doing some of the things I normally do or having things take longer so I've had less time to blog. It happens. Right now, in case you all were wondering, I've not scheduled surgery because the physical therapy and epidural injections are working (for the time being). That may change in the future. I'm sort of in a wait and see mode.

So, that leaves me with a blog that doesn't get updated frequently. Here's how I plan to still be able to post until WOTLK is out and usable be mere mortals such as myself.

There are some sites that are reporting on the beta. There are new things like in game achievements and feats of strength for old world content completed. I'd like to write a couple of guides to getting things done to pre-qualify for those achievements upon launch. I plan to write a couple of guides for doing things in game now that will set you up for success later. For instance:

  • Guides for collecting the non-combat pets in pursuit of the pet collection achievement
  • Guides for massing and accumulating rep with old world factions
  • Speculation on market prices post-launch and what durable goods you might want to hang onto for greater profits later
  • Plans for staging yourself and your guilds for success upon launch.
  • Hopefully, blogging from Blizzcon, since I'll be there! Hit me up in comments or email if you'd like to meet up at the function.
Sincc these topics all are of a higher research type, the posts will likely take longer to begin coming out. The good news, however, is that these posts may be of the longish variety that need to be split up over several days.

And looking towards the future, once the launch finally does occur I'll have a whole host of things to write about with all the new foods, potions, spells, skills and strategies.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.

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