Monday, September 22, 2008

Non-Combat Pets - Go buy the rest

This is the last installment of the non-combat pet guides. There are purchasable pets at or near each of the major cities in Azeroth (but not Outland). Even Booty Bay has a pet vendor, so each faction can buy pets from five places. The quick break-down is like this:

  1. (Booty Bay) There are two purchasable parrots.
  2. (Dun Murogh) There is one purchasable rabbit.
  3. (Elwynn Forest) There are four purchasable cats.
  4. (Eversong Woods) There are three purchasable dragonhawks.
  5. (Exodar) There are four purchasable moths.
  6. (Orgrimmar) There are three purchasable snakes.
  7. (Teldrassil) There are two purchasable owls.
  8. (Thunder Bluff) There is one purchasable prairie dog.
  9. (Undercity) There is one purchasable cockroach.
There is also a white kitten inside Stormwind itself (from Timmy). He can be a paid to find sometimes. Additionally, there is an Ancona Chicken for sale at the racetrack in Thousand Needles.

Not to be outdone by "inland" competitors, the ethereals in Stormspire (Netherstorm) sell a dragonhawk, a rabbit, a mana wyrmling and a cat.

The Darkmoon Faire also gets in on the pet market by selling two frogs.

Lastly, there are two factions that sell pets at exalted. The Sporeggar sell a tiny sporebat (for 30 glowcaps) and the Sha'tari Skyguard sells a Nether Ray Fry for 40g (which at exalted is 32G).

That's a whopping thirty pets that are available to be purchased. For getting the cross-faction pets, the neutral auction houses (Booty Bay, Gadgetzan, and Everlook) can be your best friend.

I've listed a grand total of 64 non-combat pets. There are more. I for instance, haven't listed any pet acquired through the collectible card game or some of the pets available only in Asia (through iCoke giveaway). Additionally, I didn't mention any of the pets that came with collector's edition of the base game (3 pets) or The Burning Crusade (1 pet).

Also, I'm sure I've missed a few here and there. However, if your goal is 50 pets (for the highest achievement thus publicized) you should be able to make that mark soon. Good luck and happy hunting!

(Much research for this article done at Warcraft Pets. Look for Breanni in the Wrath of the Lich King in Dalaran)

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