Friday, September 12, 2008

(Non Combat) Pet Quest Rewards

Time for the second installment in non-combat pets. While the first one was the (usually) ultra-rare drops that sell for bajillions on the auction house, these are the pets that just about anyone can get because they are quest rewards. There are a couple that are Alliance only, sorry Horde.

Here they are, again in alphabetical order
  1. Blood Parrot - This is (shockingly) a parrot. It's a quest reward from "Avast, ye Admiral" This quest is the culmination of grinding reputation with the Bloodsail Buccaneers by killing Booty Bay folks. If you choose to do this one, you'll be unwelcome in any of the Steamwheedle towns (Booty Bay, Ratchet, Gadgetzan or Everlook) and won't be able to use the neutral auction houses. Make sure you know what you're doing before you go after this one.
  2. Baby Crocolisks - There are four that can drop in the reward from the fishing quest "Crocolisks in the City".
  3. Jubling - Tree frog reward from "Spawn of Jubjub." This quest is associated with the Darkmoon Faire.
  4. Mechanical Chicken - You'll never believe it but this is a mechanical chicken. It's the follow-on reward from escorting all three of the homing chickens. These quests start with dropped distress beacons in Tanaris, Hinterlands and Feralas. If you've never done these quests, it's a nice chuck of XP as you're leveling. The reward, also, isn't soulbound and can be sold on the auction house.
  5. Miniwing - This white bird is a quest reward from escorting Skywing in Terrokar Forest at the eastern edge of the Bone Wastes.
  6. The Orphanage Quests - During Children's Week, there are quests either in Stormwind or Orgrimmar AND Shattrath. The "old world" rewards are Whiskers (a rat), Mr. Wiggles (a piglet) or Speedy (a turtle). The Shattrath rewards are Peanut (a baby elekk), Egbert (a baby hawkstrider) or Willy (a baby eye monster). You can get two of these each year during Children's Week. And hopefully next year there'll be quests in Dalaran.
  7. Peddlefeet - Another holiday pet, this one rewarded from the Love Is In The Air event during Valentine's.
  8. Prairie Chicken - The first Alliance only quest. And actually, once the Alliance player finishes the quest "Cluck" any one can loot the egg and the pet.
  9. Smolderweb Hatchling - "En-Ay-Es-Te-Why" rewards this tiny spider pet. The quest, like the Worg Pup, is completed in (Lower) Blackrock Spire.
  10. Sprite Darter - a tiny colorful dragon (more of the faerie dragon variety) that comes from a LONG questline in Feralas. This one really is a badge of honor.
  11. Wolpertinger - The final quest associated with a holiday, this one Brewfest. Pretty easy to get and invisible unless it's yours, you are drunk or are in the party with someone who has it out.
So, that's 11 quest rewards and a total of 19 pets you could get. Keep building those pet collections.


Andrew said...

I like this post. Some of these I knew about others I didn't.

What week of what month is "children's week"?

Anonymous said...

I have forgotten all about the sprite darter pet and quests... I expect it will be easy at 70.. time to take a trip back there...

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