Friday, May 2, 2008

Gear Uprades for Hunters

I've accumulated over 100 Badges of Justice on my hunter. And the time has come to make a decision about what gear I want to get next. Since I can only choose one piece, I've got to pick between a new chest piece or new leggings.

The new chest piece I'd pick up would be the Scaled Drakeskin Chestguard. This would replace my Gladiator's Chain Armor from battlegrounds.

I've done a little analysis, to make sure what I'm going to be losing. The badge piece is clearly superior in nearly every way. It has 122 more armor, 20 more agility, 9 more intellect, 12 less stamina, 2 fewer red sockets (which I've socked with 32 attack power), 4 less critical strike rating (from the socket bonus), 10 less critical strike rating(equip), 20 less resilience, and 76 more attack power, and finally 25 more haste rating.

Since 20 agility for hunters is equivalent to 20 attack power, 11.04 crit rating and 20 armor, I've factored all this together determine that if I switch I get:

  • 68 AP
  • -2.96 critical strike rating (I have 88 crit rating right now)
  • 142 Armor
  • 135 Mana
  • -120 health
  • -20 resilence
  • 2.38% haste (at 10.51 haste rating = 1% haste)
My choices in leggings are the Leggings of the Pursuit which would replace my Leggings of Beast Mastery. The badge pieces are better in every way except that I'm afraid I'd miss the pet buffs with my current pants. If pressed, I'd choose the badge legs.

However, happily (???) I only have enough badges to buy one. Thus, I'm intending to visit my band and pick up my badges and happily trot out to the island and get a new chest piece. And now, I'll have to get it enchanted....

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