Friday, April 25, 2008

I need a new gaming computer

While this image is not my real gaming computer, that's sometimes what it feels like. The good news is with the IRS about to deposit my refund into my bank account, I'm going to be buying a new machine. If anyone who reads has some advice, I'd love to entertain it. I will not be spending $5K or anything like that but am looking at something in the $2500 range. If you have advice, feel free to leave me links in the comments. Also, I'm working on a longish post and have been ignoring new material in favor of finishing this post up.


neshura said...

I would not recommend anything from Alienware.

Griff said...

If you are up to it, build your own. I built one about 3 years ago for around $800 - and it was nearly top of the line. (excluding monitor) is good for inexpensive, but decent machines, but if you want to give it a try, build one and you can get much more value for your buck. Start at or something like it and go from there.