Monday, March 10, 2008

Interlude - Now that you've dinged

BBB wrote today about how Mrs. BBB dinged 70 and feels there's nothing left to do solo anymore. Just to give a little insight into what I have done since dinging...

  • Grind Consortium Reputation. You can choose to either kill ogres in Nagrand for their war beads which the Consortium guys are happy to take or kill the Ethereal dudes just south of Area 52 in Netherstorm.
  • Finish quests. If the ding actually occurred last week, there is probably a whole zone's worth of quests to see to. Many of them will be solo-able. There's good money there until you hit the group quests.
  • Grind Scryer (or Aldor) Reputation. There are just a ton of mobs that will drop the Signets or Marks you need not to mention Arcane Tomes and Fel Armaments.
  • Work on Tradeskills. Don't forget also your secondaries like cooking, fishing and first aid.
  • Primals, Primals, Primals. There's a good market and many will be needed for crafting and enchanting.
  • Grind recipes. There are a number of BOP recipes for a number of trades that drop from specific mobs in the wild. Find out where they are and begin committing genocide until they drop what you need.
  • Since Mrs. BBB is a rogue, grind lockpicking up until 350 (if it's not already there)
That's just a short list. Hope some of it helped

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You wake it, you tank it. said...

If you want consortium rep, do all the quests in Area 52, The Bio Sphere and The Storm Spire. ~95% of them grant consortium rep and they culminate in the quest to get the Arcatraz Key( which gives a nice reward ). As well, you're looking at about 400g in quest rewards at level 70.

-Then- do the daily regular/heroics for the extra consortium reputation. If you have free time, go grind zaxxis insignia off of the mobs outside of Area 52 and hope you get a fair number of Etherium Prison Keys( these are the same as the rewards for the daily regular 5-man ) which grant great rep, a good chance at a BoP blue, and at least one green BoE.