Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Quick Blogroll updats

Not a major post today. I'm making a few updates to my recommended blogs and wanted to share that.

  1. BRK moved! No longer at blogspot, and no longer even using blogger, he's made the move to a custom domain and wordpress. Hope you find everything you packed in your hasty move, BRK.
  2. Kestrel once said, "You find the best blogs by reading comments in other blogs." I find this to be true and offer up Og's Ledger. It's all about the accounting.
  3. Since young master Bremmie was dinging in at 56, I'm finding myself drawn to more roguish content. Adding Doomilias to the blog roll. (Gah. With the number of AC blogs I read, maybe I should have just transferred to Drenden and joined them instead of /gquitting and staying where I was.)


TJ said...

AC is the shit, bitches.

(Of course my opinions are my own and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of AC.)

Doomilias said...

thanks for the link! i must know which ui mod you are using that gives a very sleek organized feel to all your various other mods...

Brehm said...


That's MazzleUI in action. Its a bit cobbled together just now as the original author/configuration expert is no longer playing WoW. But I've been using Mazzle for over a year now. And can't imagine playing without it.