Monday, December 10, 2007

I finally have some success

No sidebar image cuz I've got some real images in the body of this post. These are screenshots from over the weekend. These are personal firsts for me. First up Nightbane from Karazhan. Unfortunately I didn't get the healing neck that dropped, having gotten the Ribbon of Sacrifice from the Opera event a few minutes earlier.

And here's Terrestrian Illhoof lying dead on the floor. Not a bit of loot for me here either.
And in breaking news, I realized I'm too dumb to take screenshots of both The Shade of Aran and The Prince laying in pools of their own blood. Maybe I should socket some Intellect Gems in my tee-shirt.

On a more serious note, I really do need to re-socket or something to get my stamina up. My hit points are very low and this led to lots of problems for us on Aran, Illhoof and Nightbane. If anyone has some advice, feel free to post. Here's my armory link so you can see what I've done.


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Kiseran said...

A bit of a late comment, but a fellow priest asking something.. can't resist!
I encountered the same low-hp-problem some month before. My solution was doing some arena and getting some S3-Gear. But not too much! S3 is heavy on Stamina and Resilience but considering your equip: You shouldn't loose anything relevant since S3 should be somehow compareable to T6.
I'd try two pieces which should boost your HP to ~8000. Looking at your profile, your trousers could be replaced. The second item is a bit hard to choose, but since you only use it as some kind of HP-Set for specific bosses...

Hope that helped :)