Friday, November 16, 2007

Google Me!

Ratshag asked in a post earlier this week what Google searches folks were doing to find him. It got me curious as well. I was hoping this would give me some good ideas for upcoming posts -- if they're already getting my site as a result, wouldn't it be cool if what search led them there was actually answered there. Here is the (edited) list. I've removed all searches for other blogs that returned my blog as a result:

  1. wowwebstats
  2. bremm - Apparently also a German town
  3. karazhan pet training
  4. hunter attack power food raid
  5. glyph of shadow warding
  6. pet trainers wowwiki
  7. deadzone - Maybe for the bad Anthony Michael Hall Series?
  8. glyph of nature warding
  9. h0w to be a good raidleader
So. There's not a lot there. Maybe it'll spark an idea or two.

1 comment:

Xizang said...

I like the idea of providing the content people have been searching for. Mind if I adopt it?

Keep up the good work!