Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Last night was kind of busy and I wound up staying up WAY past bedtime. So, in light of the post from yesterday I'm sort of feeling like the blog is on cooldown.

A few highlights so this doesn't turn into a post just to keep this thing daily.

  • Successfully ran an Arcatraz key-frag run for new 70 warrior (which we desperately need in our raid groups).
  • Successfully ran a Black Morass for same warrior.
  • Took same warrior into Karazhan for his first time ever (Moroes & Attumen)

  • What's so freaking hard about giving a tank a few seconds to get some solid aggro?
  • Why were our shackles breaking on the Moroes adds so often? Sometimes as little as 2 seconds. And no, there were no dispelling adds unshackled.
  • Why won't the Mongoose enchant EVER drop for us for just one lousy guildie?

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TJ said...

When I was leading MC, that waiting for aggro thing drove me INSANE. I was leading our second group, and I'd take anyone 55+ and attuned, and it was really. Very. Important. That the tank got ahold of something.

But people would be so concerned with their damage, or think they knew better than me, that they'd just want to get oooone tiny cast off, just one... and the other 38 people, well, they couldn't let someone get ahead of them, if HE started, then THEY should start and AGRGHAGHHGHGAGHH!!

/PTSD flashbacks