Monday, October 22, 2007

You Eye

Since I got a comment from yesterdays posting about the UI, I thought I could post on that. Here's another posting with another UI picture, this on in combat.

That said, I'll refer everyone who is interested to WoW Interface where you can search for MazzleUI. This is what it looks like. I don't really know what to say about it. I've been using it since beta testing (over a year for me now) and in the dark days when UI's break, I'm so ineffective I generally don't do anything of any consequence. The pieces of the UI that I'm most happy with in Karazhan are the respawn timers (Incubator from ACE, on the left side of the screen midway), the HUD (an integral part of the compilation), and the buttons (Bongos1 in the UI, but the cool thing is they skills & spells are placed automagically). I'm also fond of the Context Menu (that 4x4 block of buttons hovering above the maintank windows). The 3D models are also pretty cool-they pictures are animated and do semi-random emotes.

Next - A significant milestone.


Lance said...

I dabbled with the idea of downloading Mazzle's UI but decided against it. it is very pretty though.

Noosh said...

Ok so where do you down load it?

Brehm said...

The link actually is But be aware, you will have to make some changes and fiddle with some things. Its not as flawless as it once was :-)