Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sermon on the Mount

Today I pick up on a topic I started on Tuesday. We had discussed then the mount options up to (and including) the level 60 mounts for all classes. This time we will look at the level 70 mounts (better known as "flying mounts").

This time, the love train for Warlocks & Paladins has derailed. There are no "free" riding skills for either of these classes. They'll have to pay the 800 Gold (no discount for honored) fee to learn the skill just like everyone else.

Oh. Wait. Not like everyone else because Druids, jump on the Riding Skill Love Train. At level 68 druids can train "Flight Form" from their trainers and get the 225 riding skill for free.

Sidebar: Does it really make much sense that you train Flight Form in the "Old World" from Druid Trainers in Moonglade or other places that, ostensibly, have NEVER USED THE FORM since it can only be used in the Outlands. Isn't it great when lore continuity and technical issues clash head to head?

So, for a full two levels, druids are flitting about going where no sub-70 can. Yes, this means they can run all the Tempest Keep instances, can pick mana thistle, abuse the landscape to reach that just slightly too high Khorium vein or Dreaming Glory. In short doing the things that only level 70's can normally do. And did I mention the 225 riding skill is free?

For the great majority of the rest of us, one of the first things we do upon reaching level 70 is head over to Shadowmoon Valley and buy both the flight skill and the epic mount of our choice. (Total cost of mount & training 900G). Of course the druids that have been flying for two levels can also head over and buy their own flying mount for a measly 100G.

The only other mount "stuff" to do after this is scrimp, save, beg, steal, and instance your way to 5200 Gold. Yes. Five thousand two hundred. When you have that amount saved up you can buy your 300 riding skill (5000 Gold) and epic flying mount (200 Gold).

The only other mount related topics are Netherwings, Druid Epic Flight Form, and collecting dropped mounts.

  • I can't speak to Netherwing-I've not done it and I have nothing useful to add.
  • I can't really speak to Swift Flight Form either. I understand there are a number of quests that can (generally) be soloed. This all culminates in the Heroic Run of Sethekk Halls where the final quest in that line is completed. Hope you saved up on your Lower City Reputation.
  • In all my time playing I've never seen a mount drop. No skeletal warhorse from the Baron, no raptor from Bloodlord Mandokir, no Swift Zulian tiger, nothing. Let's just say the drop rate is small.
So, that's all on mounts.


Ironshield said...

so wot ya saying is that the danged flappy-winged tree huggers get the biggest mount savings in the game (somewhere around 300g besting)?!

where's ma gun - i could use some big feathers! repair bill this!

Scott said...

The Epic Flying Mount is, in my opinion, the biggest scam in the game. Even the regular flying mount is nothing more than a "Level 70 Tax" so you can run Tempest Keep and get Keyed, etc. But the Epic? 5000+ gold for a mount only usable in the outlands? You can't even use them in Northrend according to the devs!

Ratshag said...

Gotta respectfully disagree with Scott. Flying mounts make a lot of quests easier, which makes making gold easier. And if you's a miner, being able to search for ore from da air is HUGE.

Elite mount is totally optional. They do make a lot of daily quests easier, they save a lot of time (time = some money). If ya wants one, go get. If ya don't, then don't go get.

Northrend is still up in da air, so to speaks. Latest I've heard is you gets yer flyin' mount back at 78, but that'll probably change 50 or a zillion or so more times before release date.

Netherwings is elite flying mounts with bling. You quest yer way up to exalted (getting paid a couple thousand gold along the way) and then ya gets a free dragon. Same speed as the regular elite mount, but it's a DRAGON. Maybe this appeals, maybe it don't.