Wednesday, September 26, 2007


So, like patch 2.2 hits and my UI totally freaking breaks. I spent several hours last night doing three things in a iterative fashion. And by iterative I don't mean the orderly kind of iterative where you do step one, then step two, then step three, then back to step one.

Instead I did step three, then two, then three, then one, then one, then two, etc.

The three things I did are:

  • Try to fix my old UI
  • Try to download a new UI I liked
  • Try to put together a brand new UI all my own from random bits.
So. The bottom line is I didn't get to play and I'm frustrated.

Hate you Blizzard. Hope you get thrown in a pool.


Hate you less Blizzard. Got the UI working - sorta. Just want to mention that getting thrown into a pool is still in play.



Scott said...

Hate you Blizzard. Hope you get thrown in a pool.

You bastard. I just jetted coffee into my nose I was laughing so hard.

Mike said...

Excellent kittie photo Bremm.

As for the patch, I like the overall changes listed, but A) cannot play the game without MazzleUI, and B) my sound is total static now; I'm hoping their new audio still works with my old sound card.

neshura said...

The UI that Scott designed for my eensy-weensy laptop screen has weathered the 2.2 storm really well. There are things to be said for minimalism. BUT, I am completely dependent on my auto-bukket bar for food, healing, & mount. BANDIJJEZ NO WORK.

Logged in with mods turned off, realized, I have no idea how to play wow with the default interface!

Brehm said...

From what I've read/seen, autobar has been updated. XLoot has been updated. So, if he will kindly update your eensy-weensy ui, the bandages should be back in business.