Friday, March 18, 2011

Using Crowd Control doesn't mean you're "weak"

I heard a tank say the other day in a heroic PUG "Do we need CC or is the healer good?"

Excuse me, what? Whether we need CC or not has some to do with me, but it is not the only criteria? How about:

  • Can the DPS manage to all hit the same thing the tank so only one person is tanking?
  • Can the tank manage to keep aggro on multiple mobs at once?
  • If there's fire or poison or something else nasty on the floor can everyone avoid standing in it?
Let me just come clean right now and say that not using CC doesn't make your epeen any larger. Especially the particularly "easy" to apply (and re-apply versions) like sheep or trap? (Yes, I'll forgive you for not putting anyone through the exercise of CCing via Seduction with a Succubus.)

It honestly doesn't matter whether I "can" or "cannot" heal through the lack of CC. It's sort of like Pascal's Gambit. Either you need CC or you do not need CC. Either you will wipe or not. Let us assume, for the sake of argument, that using CC when it's needed will assure us of success. The choices work themselves nicely into a table.

Pascal's Gambit of Crowd Control
CC Used?CC Needed?Result
* Success means probable success. Bad things can always happen.

The only time you're going to assuredly wipe is when your group (not just the healer) needs CC and you don't use it. You don't lose ANYTHING (other than maybe a little time) using CC when it's not required.

I know on fights where CC isn't used, I'm much more likely to burn a cooldown (BOP/LOH or the like) and then not have it available for the boss fight in 30 seconds. So. Please people. If you have CC in your heroic groups and there's a question about its necessity. Play it safe.

P.S. Don't know how often I'll post here, perhaps just when I'm moved. But I'm still around.


Anonymous said...

I strongly agree with your post; the risk reward of CC means that if you have the slightest quest you should use it.

However, it is not fair to say it costs nothing.

If the tank or DPS are just going to break the CC, the CCers are not going to get them controlled before they get to the consecrate/D&D then you waste DPS time with very little benefit.

It is much quicker for the tank to charge in (literally or AS or DG) than to wait for CC. Especially the only works out of combat CC.

If the mob is CCed, then it is not up by the tank getting the consecrate, retribution aura, and AOE and splash damage.

So it is a calculus; if the CC will reduce your chance of wiping by 10% then you should CC. If in doubt,, CC. If it reduces your chance by 1% then it is not worth the cost.

neshura said...

In your table you have the middle 2 outcomes reversed, I think? If cc is not used but needed (line 2), I think it should be wipe. And the other way round in line 3.

Anonymous said...

The changes to CC (they won't pull the group) have made using CC easier; hopefully this results in more groups using CC.