Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mad. So Mad

This is really the first time I've been able to write coherently about how mad I was about the Fool for Love Achievement. I religiously set out to farm the various achievements and then with 2 and a half days to go, I was down to missing one achievement -- the candy hearts. I had 7 of the 8 sayings needed.

For every hour I was awake and at home, I logged into my character parked in Ironforge and wearing smelly stuff. Each hour I became adored. Over the course of the 2.5 days, I received four more candy heart bags. Over the course of those four bags, I failed to open the last candy I needed. At the end of the event, or when I had to log as it was nearing midnight, I was still missing the last saying.

I object to having to fight the random number generator twice for that stupid achievement. I object to not being a fool for love. I object to waiting even LONGER for my mount reward.

If I were feeling snarky, I'd calculate the odds of this happening. But I'm afraid it would break my heart even more completely.


OrderedChaos said...

Preach on, Brother Bremm. The candy is by far the most ridiculous achievement thus far -- when even extreme levels of dedication cannot earn it, well, that makes it MUCH harder to motivate to participate in other holiday events.

Hagu said...

Odds of failing, assuming equal probability of each of the eight,:

one candy = .875
ten (a bag) = .875^10 ~= .263
40 (4 bags) = .875^40 ~=.00478 or one in 209

I.e., you were unlucky!

I sort of enjoyed Elders got all but the 3 hordes. But the Love event was so annoying I doubt I will be doing events for a long while.

Ironshield said...

dare we ask which saying you were missing?

Posolutely said...

I went through 6 bags of candy on Pos, and was left without my title as well.

If they'd made them non-soulbound, I would've gotten it for sure, as guildies had destroyed them by the 10's (if not 100's).

Posolutely said...

Bremm, you'll be happy to know that on the PTR right now, the achievement has been changed from needing all 8 to only needing 6 of 8 candies.

Hopefully it makes it live in 3.1!