Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hit Rating for Casters (redux)

Let's call this the "Bremm is an Idiot" version.

There were some errors in yesterday's posting. Some fairly major ones, but I hope to rectify most of them today.

First of all, Balance of Power (the Balance Talent) actually has two ranks and each rank increases the hit rating of spells by 2%, for a net 4% gain to hit rating for druids. There is, additionally, a Tier 7 Balance Talent (Improved Faerie Fire) which increases spell hit by 1%/rank with 3 ranks. This nets an additional 3% hit rating. To my unpracticed eye, this appears to not be restricted merely to the druid who casts it, but applies for anybody casting against that target. Druids should keep this up at all times.

Additionally, Shadow Priests should spec into Misery (Tier 7 Shadow Talent) which increases harmful spell hit against the target by 1%/rank with 3 ranks. This appears to work exactly like Improved Faerie Fire but with the new stacking mechanics won't stack with IFF.

Thus, if there is either a Balance Druid or a Shadow Priest and they are properly specced, they will provide 3% of the hit rating needed by casters.

So, the end result is

  • Druids need 10% to hit (or 262 hit rating) or 9% with a draenei in the party (236 hit rating)
  • Mages, Warlocks and Shamans need 11% to hit (or 289 hit rating) with a boomkin or shadow priest in the party. They need 14% hit rating (or 367 hit rating) without. The draenei racial will grant 1% (or 26.23 hit rating) less needed.
  • Shadow Priests need 11% to hit (289 hit rating) or 10% (262 hit rating) with a draenei in the party.
The numbers are a little nicer to look at, but it's still no picnic.

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Hagu said...

One way to say it is untalented Warlocks and mages are 446 and talented with HP & IFF/Misery are 263.


This page has a nice table with all the combinations of talent points, HP, and IFF/Misery