Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hunter: New Spells!

At level 74 hunters learn a new spell - Aspect of the Dragonhawk. It takes the best parts of Aspect of the Monkey (Dodge) and Aspect of the Hawk (Attack Power) and combines them into one spell. When you cast it, it makes the sound of both Monkey and Hawk at the same time. And the dodge (18 percent) and attack power (230 AP) is greater than either of the base spells alone. At level 80 there's another rank that increases the AP to 300

Keep in mind though, that you'll be burning a lot (and "a lot" means "a whole metric ton") of mana if you're using specials to keep the DPS up. I find that I'm swapping between Aspect of the Viper to regenerate mana and Aspect of the Dragonhawk to keep up the DPS if I forget to drink between fights.

Kill Shot becomes available at level 71 and gets upgrades at 75 and 80. This does 200% weapon damage plus some bonus based on your RAP (the bonus varies by rank - 40% of your ranged attack power plus either 410, 500, or 650). It can also only be used on enemies at or below 20% health. Be aware, this can crit and the crit numbers on it can be amazing. If you have a modest 2000 RAP, you'll be doing 1050 + double weapon damage at level 80 on kill shots. This will be upped to 150% of that number if you land a critical.

Finally, at level 80 I'm looking forward to Freezing Arrow. This is essentially a targetted freezing trap and should make crowd-controlling so much easier. I'll give more details as I actually get my hands on the spell

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Brajana said...

I need to find some way of reminding myself to switch OUT of Viper. I usually pop it on when I'm mounting up and heading to a new place, so I don't have to bother drinking... but then I get there and wonder why it's taking me so long to kill things, just to notice I'm still in Viper!

But I <3 Kill Shot and Dragonhawk.