Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Warcraft Classes for Dummies

I'm going to be starting a new series over here in the next couple of days. I'll focus on each class individually and covering the following topics:

  • The class' role - for classes that can have multiple classes, each will be covered
  • The possible trees for the class - the trees from the talent tree with signature skills for that tree highlighted
  • The class defining skills - the hallmarks of this, especially skills that only this class can use
  • Abilities that make you a good member of that class - for instance, crowd controlling and removing debuffs
  • Infrequently Used Skills to be mastered - the skills, that while not often used, are critical to certain encounters
  • Class skills that should always be used - the "core competencies" of the class and what can increase the effectiveness of the class
  • Emergency Skills - the skills that can quickly save your hide when things go horribly wrong
  • Advanced Skills - the skills, either core or emergency, which if mastered show a truly good player
  • Stereotypes - the general misconceptions tied to the class
  • Profession considerations - professions that marry particularly well with the class
This will be a primer for all levels of players. I hope to present information for players new to the game, coming back after a hiatus, players switching from a known class to another, and perhaps even experienced players of the class.

I expect the class discussions to begin on Thursday.

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