Friday, June 20, 2008

Reputation Expectation

I wrote a few days ago, in my Guide to Reputation, all the ways to get reputation with various factions. There are a few ways I'd like to see paths to reputation changed and enhanced in WotLK. First, I'll review each of the ways currently in game (very briefly) and write a bit about how they should evolve in Wrath and then I'll discuss a couple new ways I've brainstormed on how to get faction.

Faction Gain Methods - Previously used
Killing Mobs - this is obviously a good method for rep gains. As this is one of the most accessible paths to reputation, it need to stay and be relevant. I'd like to see this at a level that currently exists in the game. Keep up the good work, Blizzard.

Completing Normal Quests
- Another awesome method for rep gains. For at least the Aldor/Scryer quests, the quest text had a notice of what faction you were gaining. This would be a nice addition to quest text for ALL reputation rewarding quests. Again, I think this frequency is about right and should stay constant.

Completing Repeatable Quests- Again, not a bad method for rep gains. The only downside here is continually running back to the quest giver to turn-in and get another version of the quest. I might even enjoy a few more of these.

Completing Daily Quests- This seems to be the direction Blizzard has moved. For my tastes there are too many and they're too static. The cooking and fishing quests at least have a chance of randomization from day-to-day, but I know I've caught Zangarmarsh shrimps many times in one week. MORE randomization for those quests would be awesome as well as some randomization for any daily quest.

Turning in Bound Items- this is obviously a good method for rep gains. As this is one of the most accessible paths to reputation, it need to stay and be relevant. I'd like to see this at a level that currently exists in the game. Keep up the good work, Blizzard.

Turning in Unbound Items- Nice method for reputation gain and a nice way to make some cash if you've already outrepped it. However, please Blizzard make some way to turn in multiple instantiations of quests. I spent a good portion of time turning in Incendosaur Scales to the Thorium Brotherhood (and other items to the Scryers, come to think of it). And I'd really like to have that time back.

Turning in Crafted Items- This one really is a disguised "pay cash" version. Unless every trade has something to turn in, it gets to be expensive. The positives are it can reward crafts who don't have as many "marketable" items and gives a place to dispose of unwanted duplicates as a craft is leveled.

Pay Cash- This one is risky. Without awesome gold sinks in the game, it can quickly get to easy to rep. Especially when I know someone who has 28,000 gold on their alt. While it's refreshing from a quest perspective, it would get very old very soon.

Brainstormed NEW Faction Gain Methods

Hidden Quests -
It would be very cool to me to have quests that tracked what you had done and when you completed the heretofore unknown requirements, a quest giver would light up and allow you to do a turn in for gold, experience and some faction. What I'm talking about is, like if you kill 100 nagas in Zangarmarsh, the next time you hit Cenarion Refuge you get a quest turn in that wasn't available to you before. Stuff like that.

Time Sensitive Quests (either repeatable, daily or normal) - The idea of getting more reputation for completing a quest in a faster time is awesome. I'd love to get "double" rep if I could complete it in a short time. This method may not work for normal repeatable quests that involve turn-ins, but should work for others.

Mini-Instanced Quests - I'd love the idea of doing a solo or (very) small group quest that was instanced. Long ago in another MMO I played, door-missions adjusted to level and numbers of party members at entrance. The same could be done in WoW and would be a very cool style of reputation grind to do.

Well, that's it for me today. Everyone enjoy the weekend of raiding, PVP, questing, faction grinding and/or Midsummer Festival.


Ironshield said...

Bremm - two ways I'd like to see faction awarded (btw, ate my first typing up of all this):

1) in addition to honor rewards for battlegrounds, i'd like to see faction reputation rewards for battleground time and especially wins (but not for arenas). all of the battlegrounds are set in a faction vs. faction storyline and it is an easy weave in to justify that if you set off to battle for your faction, that upon return, that might be recognized!

2) provide progression-based (variable) faction rewards for progression in regular and heroic instances and in raids. just as it makes sense to get reputation for completing killing a boss for someone (Black Stalker for Sporeggar) or for completing a retrieval mission (Consortium and Auch come to mind) - so too does it make sense that progression towards end goals would be recognized (weakening the ramparts comes to mind readily for Honor Hold rep). i think this makes sense beyond the mere killing of instance/raid occupants (mobs and bosses) but also from a more story-lined/themed approach - a strategic award versus the current tactical ones in place.

my 2 cents - Iron

Brehm said...

Unless I'm mistaken, quests like Weaken the Ramparts give Honor Hold Faction (sorry, dunno the Horde equivalents) for both mobs killed and quest completion. Isn't this kind of what you're saying in point 2?