Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm in Misery

Sometimes Google Reader makes a suggestion that actually sticks and rings a bell. This morning, they suggested a Shadow Priest blog to me. On these suggestions, I often will check out the site and make sure it's something that appeals and is well written. I'm also doing an assessment at that time if it's something that I'll a) read through once and not miss again or b) read every time it's updated and look forward to.

So, anyway, this suggested blog. I was mid-way through my assessment when this post rang so true with what I was discussing last week with a friend. Go skim, I'll wait.

I think it's summed up wonderfully there, however, I'd add one further thing. By PVPing you're really training yourself to rely only on yourself, listen only to yourself, and be responsible only for yourself. If you try that crap in a raiding guild, you're likely going to find yourself back at your hearth location (unwillingly). PVE content is very much about having a strategy, following the strategy, and listening. Since PVE is scripted, it is predictable. If it's predictable, you can plan for and follow a pattern. PVP is unscripted and thus you must adapt. But if 10 (or worse, 25) people who've all trained themselves to rely only on themselves each start trying to tackle PVE content with a PVP mindset, you've just set the raid back about a million miles.

So, as I keep reading this wonderful new blog, think about why PVP is bad for raid progression.


K said...

PvP Gear: Good to fill in bare spots that badges/heroics/crafted gear don't fit in. But most PvP gear is lacking in the things needed for raiding, yes. That can be gotten around.

PvP Tactics: Alliance suck at this. This is why Alliance sucks in PvP. Because we don't treat it like a raid. The best PvP BG's I've been in have been when someone 'took charge', gave orders, and people FOLLOWED them. But Alliance is bad at that.

One person charges the tower or flag or whatever, rather than playing with their fellows. Then they complain that Alliance sucks at PvP. Why? We have the same classes now. Racials differ (BElf racial > Shadowmeld. :P), but the Horde work as a cohesive unit.

If we get more raiders into PvP, maybe Alliance will do better. :)

PvP Bears: Resilience is arguably >= Defense for Bears. Since we don't parry or block. :P We simply dodge. And since we don't get any tanking drops in Karazhan and not all that many (or all that great) drops in Heroics, I'm turning to some PvP pieces to round myself out.

Brehm said...

K, you're right (as always) but, much like gearing for Karazhan in Karazhan, FULLY gearing for PVE in PVP is stupid. Unfortunately most classes have one (or two) slots that are very hard to get filled in PVE and PVP is almost required.

However, if you're filling most of your slots with PVP gear, have a PVP spec, have a PVP mentality, I sort of don't want you in my raid.

Call me a bigot, but that's my feelings.

K said...

Not bigoted at all. We've had to turn down a few people from our raids because they were all PvP geared and not understanding why we said they couldn't come. Even though we explained it to them. :P

Ah well.

"But I have 50% crit!" (exaggerated).
"If you can't hit, you can't crit. If you can't hit, your DPS = 0"

I just play devils advocate because I'm argumentative and a 'lawyer', as Boon says. :)

Brehm said...

I blame Boon for making you this way.

Merlot said...

Hello, great blog! I'm still banging my pvp-is-bad drum to my fellow guildies and it's good to see I'm not completely alone :) That team-work argument is a good one too.

I know there are some very nice pieces of pvp gear for early raiders (my life would have been a lot easier if I ran some bgs for the dagger) but my point is you don't need them. If you think your best route into Karazhan is a month of flag running you're wrong. If people want to do both, good for them. But I know so many people who loathe pvp but do it because they think it's the best way to progress. It's my mission in life to coax them into heroics instead.