Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Did I just do that?

So, over the weekend I got a call from the guild to fill out a Karazhan group. Not strange at all. I rarely sign up for the Kara runs any more because they're usually completely filled (one might go so far as to say "oversold") and neither my priest nor hunter really NEEDS anything in there. Okay, my hunter could actually use the belt from Illhoof and my priest has a few things he could pick up. But no real needs.

So, I say sure and ask what to bring. You couldn't have surprised me more when I was told "actually, we need an OT."

So, I dusted off the doughty dwarf warrior, picked him up some pots, flasks & food and trundled off to Karazhan. I approached with a bit of trepidation, but I went on in.

It's hard to offtank. No really. There are a number of very well-geared folks in my guild and my warrior is still in some greens (however, he does have 490 defense and about 12K HP - so fine to off tank). It's a challenge to stay second on the threat meter when you're rage starved and it takes more time than some folks were willing to give me (but the Skeletal Ushers vindicated me by eating the faces of those who didn't give me time to build threat).

The MT was very well geared, and I had visions of many tank pieces dropping that he would then pass on to me. However, Blizzard must hate me. The only tank piece that truly dropped was the trash mob Boots of Elusion (?)

On Nightbane and the Prince, I was told I could swap to DPS gear or stay in tank gear. I opted to stay in tank gear for Nightbane and it's a good thing I did. About 6%, the MT went down and I picked him up as quickly as possible and tanked for the last few percent. On the Prince, I swapped and was immediately rewarded with a combo Enfeeble/Shadow Nova. I watched the rest of the fight from the floor.

All in all, I had fun. It was nail-biting at times, but generally the good times outweighed the stress. I'd like to go back.

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