Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Why Are You Doing This?

To Those Who Stand Atop Quest Givers PVP Flagged:

Why are you doing this? Especially on Sunday Night, when the server was at 99% completion of Phase 2, why would you do this?

Completion of Phase 2 opens the Anvil so you can repair and buy stuffs. Every quest turn in adds an incremental amount to completion of the phase. If you were that close, I can only assume you were even IN Sunwell Isle in ancticipation of the mondo-lag that would herald the arrival of the badge vendor.

So, if you are so cleverly anticipating that, could you do us a favor and get the hell off of the quest turn in guys? You do realize, I hope, that preventing turn-ins is only DELAYING the time until the stupid Anvil is open.

And don't you think that most of us are clever to how to circumvent your shenanigans? If we do not face the quest mob, but instead face AWAY from them and click sort of over our shoulder we'll not go into combat with you. Because even if you are jumping up and down hoping to catch us just as we click and our cursor turns into a sword and we attack, we'll be FACING THE WRONG WAY.

Really you're just being immature and juvenile. You're costing some of us gold in repairs if we've not learnt the facing away thing, but you're hurting the progression of Sunwell and the opening of the anvil.

I know that personally, I don't have enough badges to make the vendor THAT worthwhile. You're only hurting yourself. Please stop. Or I'll report you to the local Mental Health Unit.




Softi said...

ack, we've got some selfish sods like that too! Hope phase 2 has been completed now... I'm looking forward to having a place to repair too :D

Kestrel said...

Here's a tip, Bremm: Click the "?" or "!". This can also be done from top-down view. Even on a Netherwing Dragon, the symbol is higher (unless the person is hovering; haven't seen one that smart yet).

But unquestionably, these guys are real pains in the ass. Funny thing is on my server, the only people I see doing this are Horde. Why in hell is that??