Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Exalted - Five Factions

I've made some fairly heady posts the past two days, and I thought I'd make a "hooray me" post today that's light and fluffy. I ran Karazhan last night filling a DPS slot in my old guild and was able to hit exalted. That's my fifth exalted faction on (what I used to consider) my alt.

The other factions I'm exalted with are: Scryers, Sha'Tar, Cenarion Expedition, and Sha'tari Skyguard. I'm pretty happy with it.

There are six more factions that I'm Revered with and working towards exalted:

  • Honor Hold (20613/21000)
  • Ogri'la (15745/21000)
  • Consortium (3957/21000)
  • Lower City (8337/21000)
  • Shattered Sun Offensive (17327/21000)
  • Keepers of Time (3961/21000)
I guess, both the Shattered Sun and Honor Hold are laughable. One run of any of the Hellfire instances in Heroic (or a normal Shattered Halls) should get me over the top. And I'm pretty sure the Shattered Sun can be done in a couple days of dailys. Maybe I'm just lazy.

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K said...

Yay for Bremagorn! :)