Friday, April 11, 2008

Daily Quests - Skettis, Ogri'la, Sunwell Isle

It's not news, but with 2.4 each character can do up to 25 daily quests each day. This is a lot of quests to do. I personally did about 80% of them last night on one guy and it took 2-ish hours. I thought it might be enlightening for me to share my three favorite and three least favorite daily quests and talk about them a few moments.

Please consider that I primarily do these quests on a character having an epic flying mount. That makes travel under one's own power much more palatable than slowly flap-flap-flapping around the Outland. Additionally, I've not done all of the Netherwing pre-quests so I can't address anything in that quest chain.

Favorite Quests

  1. Bombing in Skettis and Ogri'la: With an epic mount, the chance of being dismounted by either the giant Kaliri or the Legion Flak Cannons is almost non-existent. Each of these is a quick five minute jaunt through the air dropping bombs. Both are quite easy and I like them for the return on investment.
  2. Mana Batteries in Blade's Edge Mountain: This is a Sunwell Isle quest, but it's really the only of its kind. Find a phasing device and then pick up ground spawn batteries. Fun and different enough that I like doing it.
  3. Skettis Prisoner: I love the fact that I can solo this quest. It's fun, simple and now that everyone and his mother is doing the NEW daily quests, he's quite easy to find.
Least Favorite Quests
  1. Wrangle Some Aether Rays/Wrangle More Aether Rays in Ogri'la: I hate having anything tag along after me when I'm working on a quest. The giant flapping ray wings obscure my view and make me a sad Bremm.
  2. Collecting Nether Residue in Shattrath: The drop rate is so abysmal on this quest that it makes it tough to do. The only saving grace for my hunter is he's a miner and can potentially collect more than one residue from a node. Still, usually a quest I do every other day as I don't collect enough in one outing.
  3. Distraction at the Dead Scar in Sunwell Isle: This quest has gotten better since nerfing the mobs, but it's still hard to get it all done every time in one run. It usually takes me two runs as I can complete about 75% on the first run.
So, that's my least and most favored quests. But in the end I like any of them that gives me gold, which all of them do. It's just that some are better than others.


Joel said...

It amuses me that you list the Skettis prisoner as a favorite quest. Since 2.4 I've made it my daily quest to fly by this guy and /mock him and abandon him to his fate. :)

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