Friday, March 7, 2008

PVP Tips & Tricks - Druid

Today I’m starting a mini-series of PVP from the viewpoint of the Marksman Hunter. During the series, I’ll cover each class and what you should look for each of them to do. We start today with Druids.

A battle with a druid will almost never be boring. Druids as a class are used to adapting their play style to the situation. They know when to go to bear and tank three mobs. They know when to pop out of animal form and entangle. As such, the fight will never feel scripted or formulaic. Expect a druid to react to what you do. If you don’t react to them, the battle will be over shortly and you’ll be the one waiting on the AOE rez near the Mage Tower.

Things to watch for:

  • Druids can hibernate your pet. While a MM doesn't have a huge reliance on pet damage, any kind of interruption they offer can help. A druid can take your pet out of the game for 12 seconds.
  • Druids will cast Entangling Roots on you or your pet. This will be to either neutralize the interruption from the pet or lock you in place to get inside your range.
  • You can kite a bear druid with your various slowing abilities. Most druids don't fall for this as long as other melee counterparts will
  • A pet on aggressive will often detect a prowling druid before you do.
  • Both of the Druid HOTs are buffs and strippable with arcane shot.
  • Feral druids won’t have as much mana as resto druids. Keeping a Serpent Sting up will consume their mana if they dispel it and their health if they don’t.
  • Many druids are masters of switching forms in PVP. The bear, dire bear, cat and travel forms of druids are considered beasts and are vulnerable to Fear Beast.
  • Feral druids will want to be in melee with you. Use your movement impairing abilities (Wing Clip, Frost Trap, Scatter Shot, and Concussive Shot) and get back to range.
  • Druids in Moonkin form will be busy little casters. Interrupt their casts with your abilities and get the pet on them. Moonkin will have deeper mana pools than feral types, but with less than ideal itemization may wind up wearing a bunch of cloth pieces. This lowers their armor and can make beating them a little easier.
  • Druids in cat form can Track Humanoids. If you suspect this, you can switch to Aspect of the Beast.
  • Cyclone will take your pet, or more likely you, out of the battle for six seconds. Cyclone has diminishing returns if continually applied to the same target.
  • If a druid is healing someone, you can interrupt with Scatter Shot or Silencing Shot (unless it’s an instant).
  • When the battle is going against them, most druids will run. Look for the shift to travel form or cat form. A concussive shot can allow a dashing raptor or cat to catch up.
  • Feigning death sometimes fools the druid allowing you to get up and freezing trap them. Druids tend to fall for this gimmick less than other melee classes.
  • Leader of the Pack cannot be removed by Arcane Shot. If a feral druid crits you with this buff, they will heal.
  • Druids have no good way of removing Hunter’s Mark. They cannot stealth while marked.
  • If a feral druid does manage to close to melee, switch your aspect to Aspect of the Monkey for the increased dodge.
  • Pounce is an opening move from stealth that stuns. Generally the druid uses the stun to set up a high damage attack from behind. If you trinket out of the stun, you can eliminate the high damage attack that is planned.
  • A feral druid can also use Feral Charge to close the gap with you. This ability also has a root effect. This is a good candidate for using your trinket.

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You wake it, you tank it. said...

Nice Post Bremm! It seems like a lot of people I know are hopping into BGs more nowadays. I know it's improved my healing reaction time on Shougeki immensely! Nesh pointed me to this post after seeing that I was writing a post on Resto Shaman PVP.

We need to hit up the BGs together. I'll heal Joanna!