Wednesday, February 6, 2008

For The Horde! - Blogroll Additions

No, I'm not switching sides. I'm adding a few blogs to the blogroll, and amazingly they're all horde based blogs. It makes me feel a little sad that I've gleefully killed so many hordies lately in BGs and am now highlighting them on the blog. But here we go, nonetheless.

Nalik over at Feather Duster writes from the perspective of a balance druid. I like it because we seem to be at the same stage raid-wise, it's well written and includes fun neologisms which he insists are real words. Fun!

Troll on a Powerbook is a fun read as well. Rayare is her sub-70 hunter. So I can relax about killing her in PVP battlegrounds. My guys play at 70 or recently, 19.

Finally, we have Tzia over at Have Bow Will Travel. The writing here is tight and good. And I just love the blog header. I need to get me a picture for my banner. Any artists?

Anyway, just a little quick update. Later, I'm going to talk a little about my twink project!


Nalik said...

I prefer to think of them as technical terms, rather than neologisms!

Anyway, thanks for the link - are you sure you don't want to roll on the darkside?

Brehm said...

Actually, my very first toon ever was a tauren hunter on a PVP server. And I just decided that PVP is not for me (unless it's in controlled setting like a BG). And now having five alliance dudes at level 70, the chances of rerolling are slim.