Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Check these off

A few days (weeks) ago, I posted my Hunny Do List. Things I wanted to get done on my rogue.

  1. Decide on a final spec - I'm not done, so this is still on the list. Still toying with Mutilate, but considering a more traditional combat spec, albeit with Daggers over Swords. I just like the idea of rogues with daggers.
  2. Create a list of wanted equipment - Done. Not going to post full list, but I've got my list done.
  3. Finish Karazhan keying - Still need Black Morass. All other quests done and waiting on a BM run
  4. Get Enchanted - Nope. Not got equipments. I think only the helmet I have is final equipment (pre-Kara) and that does have a Glyph on it. Can I get partial credit?
  5. Finish Alchemy Specialization - Done. Woot. Potions.
  6. Clean out the *expletive* bank - Semi cleaned out.


You wake it, you tank it. said...

Shougeki still needs the bracers off Aeonus so if you need a healer for BM, lemme know!

Pike said...

Haha, I'm waiting on BM too and then I'll have myself the shiny Kara key.

We're sort of waiting right now for five of us in our guild to reach the point where we just need BM. That way we can all knock it out at once. Because most of us have had bad experiences there and don't want to go anymore than we have to. Hehe =P