Thursday, December 20, 2007

Now What?

You’ve done it. You’ve completed everything you needed to do to just eke out the ding to seventy. You’ve trained your skills. You’re done right? You are so far from done that the light from done will take a million years to reach you.

First off, determine if the skills you leveled with are what you want to do in your end-game. Did you level feral and want to be affliction? Did you take on a DPS role when you really want to tank? At least read about what your chosen spec looks like. Do research. Read blogs. Read forums. Learn everything there is to be whatever you yearn to be.

Next, you should check your balance and determine if you can get your flying mount. It should be about 900 gold and can be purchased in Shadowmoon Valley. If you don’t have the cash on hand, it’s time for raising some cash. You should still have at least a whole zone of quests you can still complete. This time around though, the cash will be much better. You can also think about pure farming of things that sell for money. Motes are always good to collect but can be over-farmed. If you have a lucrative trade skill, it might be time to start selling your items on the auction house.

Next (or concurrently) you should start taking a look at the possible gear out there. What drops in instances? What are quest rewards of unfinished quests? What is craftable? What can be purchased? Is it a reputation reward? Is it buyable with badges? Is it a PVP reward? Make this list. You’ll refer to it often. It may even take the form of:

  1. This is what will do
  2. This is what I want
  3. This is what I really want.

Run instances. Let the list above be your guide, but you should at the very least complete each instance (that you haven’t) twice. This will help you learn what to expect in each instance, give you more confidence in your role, and give you a shot at that equipment from your list. Don’t neglect heroic instances. Heroics are hard. And I’m not a fan of the heroic PUG, but I’ve done them. They offer badges for that gear that is only obtainable that way.

Look at your reputation with the various factions. Does the Cenarion Expedition have a cool set of shoulder armor you want? Does Lower City have an awesome trinket? You should start getting that reputation up to the level it needs. Some of this will be dungeon crawls. Some of it may be repeatable quests. Some of it will be normal or daily quests.

Examine your trade skills. Look at what you want to make and what you’ll need to do to get there. Are there rare bind on pickup recipes that drop from specific mobs? Go farm those mobs.

Think about enchants. What pieces of your armor need an enchantment? What enchantment is the best fit for each piece? Do you need glyphs or inscriptions? Continue working on the reputation to get you to the level you need.

If you’re dreaming of raiding Karazhan, start the quest for attunement if you haven’t already. At a minimum you’ll need to run the following dungeons

  • Shadow Labyrinth
  • Steamvaults
  • Arcatraz
  • Black Morass (requires Durnhold Keep completed successfully)

Get yourself ready to start running daily quests. Nothing increases your gold faster (okay, probably buying it does. I'm just sayin') and you'll go through a lot of gold.

Have you ignored your Cooking or First Aid or Fishing? First aid is always useful. The secondary skills offer some of the best, most easily renewable buffs in the game. If your other skills can be specialized, research what you need to do to complete that specialization.


neshura said...

I can't decide whether it's because I'm a sucker for punishment, or because I'm NOT a sucker for punishment, that I got bored with my toon once I hit 70.

Sellia said...

Thanks for the nice summary ! =)