Friday, December 14, 2007

Caveat Emptor

I'm fulfilling my blogospheric duty. Kestrel posted this and asked that each of his cadre of elite bloggers (my words) link at least to the topic at hand.

The executive summary is that Blizzard is (too) slow to respond to reports of account hacking. There's a blog post and a Blizzard forum post linked in Kestrel's site. Go there. Follow links. Don't worry, I'll wait until you get back.

Back? Good.

I don't know the details of this incident. There is an incident that I can speak to that happened a couple months ago in my (old) guild. There was this warrior, named, uh...something like Smashy. He hadn't logged on in about 8 or 9 weeks. He's the nephew of other folks in the guild.

Suddenly he logs in out of the blue. Pleasantries are sent out to Smashy. No response. This in itself is not terrible odd, sometimes Smashy just didn't. However, quickly a conversation thread started in the guild channel. "Is that Smashy?" "Why isn't he talking?" "I didn't even know he was even playing."

Tells were sent to his aunt and/or uncle. Calls were made.

Long story short. No. This was not the Smashy we knew and um knew. Smashy contacted Blizzard about the account he'd not paid for in 3 months. To make this long story shorter, it turns out he had been hacked. Blizzard at some point (probably a week or more) locked the account for "suspicious activity." Then Smashy had to send a notarized letter claiming he was who he said he was etc. etc.

It turns out, if he was hacked, that the hacker was not very bright. He didn't sell anything, didn't strip the characters. In fact, instead of funneling money out, he went out and farmed with the characters. When Smashy finally got his account back, he had about 600 more gold. And had the nerve to be upset that the "hacker" had moved his buttons around.

But seriously, this account hacking stuff means ya gotsta be careful. You MUST! And go read and post on the forums. We rely on Blizzard to help us safeguard our inforamtions.

Hope that helped, Kestrel!

P.S. If you name is Kestrel, please send me an email. Contact informations up there in the right hand corner. I have a question for you and can't find your contact info. Maybe I'm just:

  1. blind
  2. an idiot
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Anonymous said...

Hiya Bremm :)

Sending you an email, but if you look at the left sidebar on my blog, under Pages the first or second one says "Contact Kestrel". Cleek eet! :D

Lance said...

I just started regularly reading the forums and there is someone in just about every thread that posts a link that is a keylogger it is ridiculous.