Saturday, November 24, 2007

Google Searchbot says...

Since I'm totally out of ideas now that I've been out of work a week and leveling a lowbie, I took a look at the Google Web Tools and found that one of the big searches that's getting hits on the blog is for the daily cooking quests introduced in 2.3.

I've done the daily cooking quest on at least one of my characters most days. However, I think I've found exactly three different quest varieties. Here they are in no particular order.

  1. The Giant Kaliri Wing one. When this is the daily quest, its a good day to do Skettis Dailies! The sky is literally picked clean of these giant, annoying birds. It takes 1 wing and 3 warp burgers. Cook until bubbly in the provided cook pot and you're done. Pretty easy.
  2. The Blade's Edge Mountain one. For this one you need to get some Serpent Flesh and some Mok'thanal Shortribs and combine them in a cooking pot in the corpse of a dead elemental in Blade's Edge. I found that you don't even have to kill it, as long as someone else's kill hasn't despawned you can use that corpse.
  3. The Spiritual one. This requires some foodstuffs (I can't actually recall which) to be combined in the cooking pot in the spiritual grounds in Nagrand. Pretty simple.
The rewards are either a crate of meat or a barrel of fish. Both of which can contain a recipe. Although I'm told it doesn't matter, I've gotten only meat recipes from the meat crate and only fish recipes from the fish barrel. So, if you're wanting a particular recipe this may affect your chances.

Additionally, I've not seen the berry picking on that Kaliope described from the PTR. But, the past few days, I've not been diligent. It's been all about Bremmie!

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You wake it, you tank it. said...

I got the berry picking one a couple days ago. Nesh was mad because it was the day the authentication server broke and we were going to go "berry picking"