Friday, November 2, 2007

Consortium - Blech!

So. 2.3 patch is being loaded by the WoW downloader. That means that soon my little gnome engineer will be able to make the engineered flying mount. It'll be nice to finally have the four toons I have each with a different 225 flying mount. Currently the hunter and warlock have the white gryphon.

But this means, I'll need some seaforium charges. And to do that I need to be revered with the Consortium. While the grind itself is bad, the best places I've found to grind are in Netherstorm picking up Zaxxis Badges. True, I could grind on ogres in Nagrand--I've even had an epic blacksmithing pattern drop from them, but the ogres are as over-farmed as the Zaxxis dudes. Couple that with a lower drop rate, and its not an exciting proposition.

I guess buying the seaforium is something I *could* do, but I don't generally just buy. Looks like it's off to Netherstorm and compete with EVERYONE else to get my few little badges.

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You wake it, you tank it. said...

I spent the weekend grinding Consortium Rep on Tasogare. Didn't take too long, to be truthful. I was 69 and a half before starting and quickly hit 70 while questing out of the Stormspire. The stormspire quests netted me a large amount of greens, about 8k rep, and over 200g in turn in money alone. By the time I was done Taso had gone from 3k/6k friendly to about 4k/12k revered. I spent the rest of the time grinding on Zaxxis Insignia and Ethereum Prison ID Tags. The Insignia drop about 50% of the time and the Ethereum Prison Keys drop randomly. Didn't take too long. Already sent 4 Elemental Seaforium Charges to your bank.