Tuesday, October 9, 2007

But Daddy I want it NOW!

I was looking through my list of potential blogging topics to try and get a handle on what this Tuesday-after-a-holiday would bring to the blog. Most of them are requiring the sort of research that can't happen in just a few minutes. So I turned to my backup plans.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I have a topic hiding that Neshura asked me to blog on. I think it might be heavy theory-crafting and thus saved until later in the week when I've had some time to craft the theory.

I know Owaru also wants to see my combat log from Karazhan, but like a total nub, I must've deleted it as I got ready to record the next one. Nothing earth-shattering stands out, but I only spent a few minutes trying to decipher what was in the blasted thing.

So, the topics I want to post on either require too much time right now or have been forgotten/deleted by your humble narrator. Thus...

How come there are enchants for shields (technically an off-hand item) that I can't get on my off-hand item for my freakin' priest...

For instance I think these would be swell.

Is this just another example of how Blizzard is giving all the healing love to the paladins and leaving the priests to have no choice but respec Shadow?

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