Friday, September 28, 2007

Yes. I am Exalted.

Last night I ran what is (I hope) my last non-heroic Steamvaults ever. At the end I turned in just a few of my many Coilfang Armaments and hit the magic exalted mark. As a result of my endeavors I got quite a few new little goodies.

Since my priest is an alchemist, I picked up a pair of new alchemy recipes. I got[Recipe: Major Nature Protection Potion] and [Recipe: Flask of Distilled Wisdom]. And of course the piece that made me shiver in all my naughty parts[Windcaller's Orb]. This is just a huge upgrade over the crappy green piece I was toting around before.

I hope to get a chance to make another post later about the upcoming changes to my classes in 2.3 later today.

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