Monday, September 24, 2007

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

As a hunter who is lucky enough to have received an insanely lucky drop of [Legacy] (Sorry BRK!)I routinely look for other hunters in my travels around Azeroth that are carrying the same blade.

Imagine my surprise when last night while being a good guild mate and running a couple of sub-40s through all wings of Scarlet Monastery that I saw a level 69 hunter with a Legacy like axe on his back.

Fast-forward several minutes while I check my character sheet to ensure that Legacy does indeed require level 70 and how does this level 69 nobody have MY AXE?!?!?!?

Thank good for the armory because that allowed me to look him up real quick (He was horde, I am alliance -- inspect doesn't work) and notice that he's not carrying [Legacy] at all but instead is carrying [Glorious War-Axe]

Man. Couldn't Blizzard even change the freaking graphic on the War-Axe so the hunters who are drooling over Legacy can at least stand out a LITTLE?

1 comment:

Mike said...

Ha! In WoW it's all about kickass gear; I can see how a "lowbie" axe impersonating Legacy would be irritating. Then again, at lvl 40, either would be a bit of an improvement for me. :)